EPFO may withdraw its mandating Aadhaar decision

After observing a strong antagonism from trade unions, the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) can withdraw its decision of mandating Aadhaar for its 5 crore subscribers and new members and the anticipation is that the decision might be on hold for some indefinite time. The sources have reported that under the pressure of trade unions, the EPFO might hold the notice it issued to the field staff for collecting Aadhaar details from its members. The EPFO recently decided that submission of Aadhaar details will be mandatory for its new members from 1st March 2013 and also directed to gather the Aadhaar details of the present members by 30th June 2013. Since then, the decision has been criticized by the members and trade unions.

On raising the questions on the decision, the representatives of trade unions said that submission of Aadhaar number will be impossible because the scheme is not in process in many regions of the country. Besides this it is very complex to obtain Aadhaar number in the state where the scheme is in process. Baij Nath Rai, General Secretary, Indian Labour Union said that they should not have taken the decision on their own. On this a discussion should have been made by the leading decision making unit Central Board of Trustees (CBT). The CBT meeting will hold on 15th February. Other units have also disparaged the decision of the organization.

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