Deadline for Aadhaar-linked LPG subsidy extended

This is surely good news for the people living in Andhra Pradesh because the central government has decided to extend the deadline for linking LPG subsidy with Aadhaar numbers till 15th April 2013. Earlier last month the deadline was set to 15th March 2013 as most of the people did not have their Aadhaar numbers with them. The decision has been taken after a request from the state chief minister for the extension of the deadline date to cover maximum number of people under the Aadhaar platform. When the government declared that Aadhaar number submission is mandatory in order to avail subsidy amount of the LPG cylinders, people made a huge rush at the enrollment centres and a chaos could be seen at the enrollment camps. N Kiran Kumar Reddy then extended the deadline date till 15th March 2013. As there are still many people left without Aadhaar number the deadline date has been further extended till 15th April 2013.

People in Maharashtra can also take a breath of relief as the chief minister of the state announced that for accessing benefits under various schemes, possession of Aadhar card will not be necessary unless 80% of the district population have got their Aadhar card. He added that only 6 district of the state will be covered under Aadhaar implementation while other district where less than 80% people have not received their Aadhaar number will not be included now.

One thought on “Deadline for Aadhaar-linked LPG subsidy extended

  1. Has Karnataka state government declared that Adhaar card submission is mandatory?? If so what is the date?? Please update in you know of any information.

    PS: Great info for citizens!!

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