DCT to benefit 2 lakh people in the first month

Even with partial preparations, the government has launched the Direct Cash Transfer scheme in 20 districts on January 1. In these 20 districts about 2 lakh people will be credited direct cash into their bank accounts. The scheme will be extended to 23 more districts by March 2013. The scheme was to be implemented in 51 districts but because of elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh 8 districts were removed from the first phase. The cash will be transferred to even the bank accounts of those beneficiaries who do not have their Aadhar cards at present.

The scheme was also launched in the national capital Delhi by the Delhi chief minister Sheila Dixit. As a pilot project, only 4 schemes have been included now and these have been started in only north-west and north-east districts. About 12000 people will be benefited in these districts. The beneficiaries of these schemes have also been provided certificates. Chief Minister said that the schemes will also be implemented in rest of the Delhi districts. Delhi is already providing some schemes through cash transfer platform. About 4 lakh senior citizens, 1.3 lakh widows and 40 thousand handicapped are provided pensions through cash transfer.

In Madhya Pradesh the banks received a list of 600 students on day 1 for scholarship cash transfer. The cash will be transferred into the accounts of the students after the verification process. In Khandwa Rs. 8000 each were credited into the accounts of 32 girl students while in Hoshangabad cash were transferred into the bank accounts of six girl students through this scheme. There are three districts of Madhya Pradesh which are part of first phase of the DCT scheme beginning from January 1.

Alwar and Ajmer from Rajasthan are also amongst the list of 20 districts where the scheme is launched in January. About 35 thousand beneficiaries have been involved in this scheme in these districts. There is also a pilot project running in Alwar for the past 1 month where kerosene subsidy is provided to the people through the cash transfer.

The Bharatiya Janata Party however has criticized the scheme and accused the government of making haste in implementing the scheme. The party also said that the government is doing all this to divert the people’s attention from the vivid activities happening in the country.

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