DC asks to finish work by 31 March in Hoshiarpur

During the second phase of Aadhaar enrollment in the Hoshiarpur district of Punjab, 192072 enrollments have been done so far while the first phase covered a total of 689948 enrollments. This information was given by the district collector (DC) Manasvi Kumar while attending a meeting. While addressing the meeting, DC asked the Food and Supply Controller and the district coordinators of the Aadhaar enrolling companies to complete 100% enrollment in the district by 31st March. He said that under the financial schemes of the state and central government, the details of the beneficiary must be collected so that their bank accounts can be opened linked with their Aadhar cards.

The people of Lalganj town in Uttar Pradesh are facing serious difficulties in Aadhar card enrollment process. The staff members have to work till late night because of heavy crowd at the centres. While people standing for hours in long queues are angry because of their chance coming at night. Enrollment camps have been setup from 11 March to 6 April for thousands of people from 15 wards of the town. People of two wards are being enrolled simultaneously. Each ward has 2000 to 2500 people while only 200 to 250 are enrolled daily for Aadhaar. About minimum of 1 week is required to cover 1 ward while only 1 day has been specified for 1 ward. The crowd gathers from the morning despite the timings being from 9:30 to 5:30 and can be seen even till night. People who came there for enrollment said that only formalities are being done on the name of Aadhaar enrollment. Hundreds of people are being left out of this scheme. People have demanded to provide at least 3 days for a single ward.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has made Aadhar card compulsory to acquire possession on the plots announced by the authority through a draw process. DDA has made this essential because property dealers are very curious in acquiring these properties.

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