DBTL scheme in 33 districts of Punjab and Haryana from January

More than 50% LPG consumers in Punjab and Haryana could have to purchase LPG cylinder at market price without any subsidy from January 1, 2014. From January onward Aadhar card based DBT-LPG subsidy scheme will begin 33 districts of these two states under which the subsidy benefit will be directly transferred into the Aadhar card linked bank account of the consumer. Consumers have to purchase gas cylinder at market price from their distributors while the subsidy benefit will get credited into their Aadhaar linked bank account. Claims are that more than 80% Aadhaar enrollment has been completed in these districts but the fact is that not more than 50% of consumers have linked their Aadhaar number with bank account and connection number. Despite DBT pilot project in February-March 2013 in Ambala and Sonepat, till 30th October only 36.4% consumers in Ambala while merely 30.3% in Sonepat have given their Aadhaar details to their LPG agencies. Also, only 14-16% Aadhaar-bank account linkage has been completed.

An official said that the difference between connection linkage and bank account linkage with Aadhaar should not be more than 5% for which he also asked bankers and gas distributors to run campaign to make people aware about this. According to a UIDAI official, more than 85% enrollment has been completed in the many districts of Punjab and Haryana. He said that it will be tough for UIDAI to tell how much Aadhaar linkage with bank account and connection number has been completed for DBTL. A senior banker said that during a meeting with bankers committee on November 12 the issue of linking Aadhar card with bank account was also discussed.

More Aadhaar enrollment centers in Ambala

For the sake of people’s facility, administration has arranged to setup Aadhar card enrollment centre at the service centre of DC office in Mohali. Administration has started preparations for Direct Benefit Transfer scheme. The DBTL scheme is beginning in the district from February 2014 for which Aadhar card is necessary. DC TPS Siddhu said that this is the first counter at service centre as pilot project. Permanent centers would be setup at all the service centers in the district within a week. Besides this, service will also be started at the temporary centers setup for Aadhar card. DC said that those who have enrolled but have not received Aadhar card through post can also use service at these centers.

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