Consumer of LPG subsidy through DBT paying Rs. 50 more for a cylinder than the normal consumer in Hyderabad

Those who are availing LPG subsidy through the DBT platform in Hyderabad are unknowingly paying Rs. 50 more for a LPG cylinder than those who are getting it through older means. The reason for this difference is attributed to local taxes and the lack of state government subsidy. Consumers availing subsidy through DBT pay Rs. 962 for a cylinder while the subsidy credited into their Aadhaar linked bank account is worth Rs. 497. It means that the consumer has to pay Rs. 465 for a cylinder from his pocket. On the other hand those who are not availing LPG subsidy through DBT have to pay Rs. 412.50 for a cylinder enabling them to pay Rs. 52.50 less than those who are getting it for Rs. 465. The difference is because of Rs. 25 subsidy given by the state government which is unavailable to DBT scheme user and also they have to incur higher taxes. An official said that 31st August is the deadline date for consumers to provide their details otherwise they will be denied of LPG subsidy.

It has been more than one month since the beginning of DBT scheme for LPG subsidy in Mysore district but is still lacking the preparedness necessary for smooth functioning of the program. Seeding of Aadhaar number which is essential to get benefit of this scheme is still way behind than what it should be. According to a latest report the seeding of Aadhaar number with bank account in the district has been completed only by 56%. People are complaining that even after giving Aadhaar number, authority is not seeding them with the bank account. The multi-level authentication process is becoming a cause of inconvenience for both the beneficiary and the authority. LPG consumer needs to provide Aadhaar and bank account number to his/her gas distributor who in turn forwards it to oil companies.

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