Confusion persist over Aadhar card for LPG subsidy

Although cabinet has postponed the decision of making Aadhar card mandatory for availing LPG subsidy, but the scheme has not ended for common people yet. Instead of ending Aadhar card’s need for subsidy benefits, LPG distributors have extended the duration for submitting Aadhaar details. Pawan Soni, General Secretary, Federation of LPG Distribution said that consumers of 34 districts under phase two have been asked to furnish Aadhaar linked bank account details by February 28. If consumers fail to submit details in the specified time then they will have LPG available like earlier at market price. A senior official of Petroleum Ministry confirmed that cabinet decision’s order has not been sent to oil companies at the moment. It means that ban has not been imposed on offering LPG at market price to consumers outside the sphere of Aadhar card link subsidy. However, companies have been instructed about the increase in the quota of subsidized cylinders. Official said that shutting down Aadhaar link subsidy scheme at an instant is difficult. Advance subsidy of Rs. 435 has been transferred into the bank accounts of about 2 crore consumers. Now it will not be easy to offer them LPG at new decision on subsidy and recovery of advance subsidy. Besides, technical problems have also started to appear. Finding a solution of this is necessary at the moment. LPG cylinders have been sold to about 50 lac of those consumers at market price who have not submitted their details in the specified time.

Department of Social Welfare linking Aadhar card with pension in Faridabad

After the scheme of linking Aadhar card with LPG subsidy by the government, the Department of Social Welfare (DSF) is also mulling over using Aadhar card for distribution of pension. At present pension of BPL card holders only will be linked with Aadhar card for which district DSF is collecting Aadhar card and bank account numbers of the people. DSF official Sushila Devi said that they have received orders from the government for linking pension with Aadhar card. In the beginning, pension to BPL card holders would be linked with Aadhar card. She said that they have about 65000 BPL card holders to whom pension is given. All these people have been asked to submit their Aadhar card and bank account number. Pension to these people will be directly transferred into their bank account and they will not need to take rounds of government offices. However, no specific time period has been set for this but people are being made aware of this to complete this work early. Those who have not enrolled for Aadhar card yet have been asked to enroll for Aadhar card.

Aadhar card no longer mandatory for cheap grains in Gurgaon

Compulsion of Aadhar card for cheap food grains under Food Security Bill in Gurgaon has ended. Now those people will also get cheap grains who do not have Aadhar card. DFSC Manjula Dahiya said that for getting cheap grains eligible families will have to produce government issued certificate before the Depot holder after which their eligibility for this scheme will be confirmed. State government implemented the central government’s proposed Food Security Bill scheme firstly on 20 August 2013. Earlier it was said that cheap grains would be available to only those who would be having Aadhar card. Now compulsion of Aadhar card for cheap grains has been ended.

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