Children forced to enroll for Aadhar card in cold morning

Jalandhar (Punjab): Children worries have risen after decree about Aadhar card enrollment. Administration has all of a sudden a show cause notice to around 300 schools asking for the Aadhar card enrollment of the students. Due to this, guardians can be seen in queues at the service centers way before their operation time. Children have to follow their parents or guardian at these centers very early in the cold morning. Children reaching there are saying that their teachers have told them to not come to class until Aadhar card enrollment is done.

Heavy crowd of children along with their guardian could be seen at any time throughout the day. Guardians have to say that administration should setup Aadhar card enrollment camps in school premises. If it is not feasible to setup camps at every school then they could be setup at separate public places in the city.

State government has declared winter vacations from 25th December to 3rd January in all the government schools of Punjab. According to State Education Minister chill is the reason behind these holidays. That is why administration has issued a notice to all the schools to enroll students for Aadhar card within 48 hours. On the other hands, it seems impossible to enroll such a large number of students in such a short time.

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