Book Slots Online for Aadhaar enrollment in AP

The people of Hyderabad can no longer enroll themselves by directly visiting the enrollment centre. The authorities have decided that before enrolling for Aadhaar, one must fill up a form online to book one of the available slots for the same. In case the enroller does not have online booking facility accessible, he/she can also book a slot by calling at 1100 number from his phone. The slips issued by the LPG agencies will not be accepted at the enrollment centres. The district authorities have also asked the LPG agencies to book slots online. There are two different types of online registration forms for two types of enroller. The first one is for the LPG connection holder while the other one is for all the others. Presently the second type of registration is only for people from Hyderabad district. The first type of online registration facility is for people from 4 districts viz. East Godavari, Chittoor, Rangareddy and the state capital Hyderabad.

On successfully filling up the details and submitting them, you will be shown a confirmation message stating that “Slot is Successfully  Booked……..!”. You will also be shown Slot Number, Slot Date & Time, and the summary of the enrollment centre. You are also asked to carry your LPG BOOK or Latest LPG Bill along with you while visiting the centre.

LPG Connection Holder:

Click here to Book Slots Online

All Others (only Hyderabad):

Click here to Book Slots Online

2 thoughts on “Book Slots Online for Aadhaar enrollment in AP

  1. Don’t use these links.
    A.P. site for enrollments is not maintained with upto date info.
    It shows centers which are closed months back and still provides you with a slot at those centers. I enrolled and when I visited the center with my family they said its closed a month back. Full day time waste.

  2. i book the slot for aadhar but mistakely i fill the hyderabad distic instead of ranareddy now i want to cancel the slot … how to i cancel the slot… please give me repaly..

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