BJP targets UPA government for Aadhar Card

UIDAI which recently faced controversies has been targeted by BJP now. BJP said that Aadhaar numbers are being issued to the people without getting Parliament’s approval and Parliament’s standing committee has rejected it. BJP leader Smrita Irani said during a program that National Identification Authority (NIA) bill 2010 had been rejected by parliament’s standing committee on finance. She added that the surprising fact is that the bill for issuing unique ID which has not been approved in the Parliament is collecting biometric data which is violation of individual constitutional rights. BJP which is opposing Aadhar card says that those who do not have certified documents and citizenship should not been given Aadhar card. According to them Aadhar card are being issued to illegal immigrants.

Irani said that UPA government counts Aadhar card in its ambitious schemes but the fact is that it has no Parliament consent and discussion is also underway at Supreme Court and everyone is waiting for apex court’s decision on it. In the same program Nandan Nilekani said before Irani that authority will issue 60 crore Aadhaar numbers in next few months before the target time. He told that till now Aadhaar numbers have been issued to 46 crore people in the country. Target was set to issue 60 crore Aadhaar numbers by 2014 but it will be completed before the set time frame.

Government is having tough time with its ambitious Aadhaar project as it has been held by the Supreme Court. Government has also filed petition for amendments in SC’s verdict on Aadhar card and the Union Cabinet headed by PM Manmohan Singh has also approved the NIA bill. SC has set 22 October as the next hearing date on this issue. UIDAI has also clarified that Aadhar card does not violate any fundamental rights of the people of the country and it has also filed petition in SC in same regard. SC’s final decision on the Aadhar card issue is yet to be decided.

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