Banks unhappy with zero balance account for DBT scheme in Delhi

Delhi government has informed Planning Commission (PC) that they are facing problems in transferring funds of their schemes directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. Banks are not showing interest in opening zero balance account. Banks are saying that a minimum amount should be maintained in the account of the customer. Beneficiary withdraws the entire amount credited into the account under a scheme. Delhi government has urged PC to talk with Finance Ministry in this issue on their own.

Maharashtra State Government has decided to defer the decision of stopping the wages of state employees on not having Aadhar card by one month. Earlier it was decided that the salaries of state employees will not be given without Aadhaar from month of July in 5 districts of the state. Technical hindrances in the enrollment process have resulted in the extension of the deadline date by one more month.

After the launch LBG subsidy through DBT scheme, the petroleum ministry will take round reality of the scheme from the respective district magistrates. The ministry will know about problems suffered by people through video conferencing. It will also consider possible solution and complaints of the people from the districts. What is the speed of Aadhaar enrollment and what are people’s reactions on linking Aadhaar with bank account. An official from ministry said that it will also be enquired that how many people in the district have linked Aadhaar with bank account under this scheme. Are people facing difficulty in enrollment? Are consumers getting details like Aadhaar enrollment, opening up of new bank accounts and linking them with Aadhaar from their distributors?

Students coming for Aadhaar enrollment in a Government Inter School in Nainbag, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand have to perspire a lot because of dislocation at the centre. Students from many different schools and colleges of the region are coming to this school for the purpose of Aadhar card enrollment. Many of the students have to return empty-handed because of disorder by the company responsible for enrollment. Students come afoot from remote areas but no arrangement from the administration and company has caused a chaos at the centre. Students have expressed disappointment over this muddle.

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