Banks demanding Aadhaar number from customers in Varanasi

Banks in Varanasi have started to collect Aadhaar details of consumers in view of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme from October 1. As per instructions from Finance Ministry, Banks have begun to update KYC of existing customers and link Aadhaar numbers with the accounts. Banks are informing customers through SMS and other media to provide their Aadhaar number. Out of 5.25 lac LPG consumers in the district only 1.25 lac have updated their KYC norms with Aadhaar number.

Though UIDAI is praising Himachal for Aadhaar enrollment but ground reality is actually different. According to the authority, 93% people in the state have enrolled for Aadhaar and 83% have been issued Aadhaar number. State government has set a target of 100% achievement in 3 months. According to stats 64,45,602 people have enrolled while 57,23,720 people have been issued UID number. According to a survey conducted by a private organization only 59% people of the state have received Aadhar card. 22% have not received Aadhar card after more than 1 year of enrollment. The authority is blaming postal department for delay for these 22% people while official from postal department are denying these allegations. Those who have not obtained Aadhar card are facing problems in college admission, opening bank account, making ration card and new gas connection. People have been denied of subsidy in those districts of the state where the scheme has been implemented. Those who enrolled before March 2012 and have not received Aadhaar will have to re-enroll for Aadhar card.

Aadhar enrollment work has begun at a quick rate in Rajouri region of Jammu & Kashmir. Officials have asked staff and employees to go village-to-village and ensure that no one is left from enrollment. The work has to be completed in time so that people can take advantages of Aadhaar based services and schemes.

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