Authorities asking to link Ration Card with Aadhaar

After LPG subsidy, Aadhar card is also becoming an important document for subsidized ration. Food supply department across many districts in various states of the country are asking the consumers to link their ration card with Aadhar card in order to receive subsidized ration from the government. We have already informed you about implementation of Aadhar card in public distribution system in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Here, we have brought to you few more such stories where the concerned authorities are demanding for Aadhar card linking with ration card of the consumers.

Faridabad DFSD asking for Aadhaar Number and Bank A/C details

Faridabad’ District Food and Supply Department (FSD) has ordered all the ration card holders to submit their Aadhar card number to their respective deport owner. If consumer do not link Aadhar card with ration card then they will not be able to receive ration from next month. Making of new ration card from February is said to be the reason behind this. Actually, under the Digital India campaign, DFSD is busy in taking data of all the ration card holders online. For this, the entire depot owner’s and consumer’s record is being collected together to store it in online servers. The department has instructed all the deport holder and food inspector to prepare data online as early as possible.

DFSD is asking for 12-digit unique Aadhaar number and bank account details from the ration card consumers. After successful linking, subsidy benefits will be directly transferred into the bank account of the ration card holder. Consumer can check his details online from anywhere. After implementation of this project, if the consumer does not take ration or depot owner does not give ration, then black marketing of the ration will not happen. DFSD Controller said that the department distribute ration to 2.41 lakh ration card holders through ration depot in the district.

DFCS asks dealer for Aadhar card in Uttarakhand

Department of Food and Civil Supplies (DFCS) has instructed district food and supply controllers of all districts in Uttarakhand to link ration card with Aadhar card. Central government has informed the state that all the ration cards should be linked with Aadhar card. An official of the department said that after instructions from the centre, department is busy in implementing the scheme properly. The department will provide a list to all the ration dealers consisting ration card holders who do not provide Aadhar card number at the time of its making. Ration dealers will ask for Aadhar card details from all its customers and then forward them to the department. These details will then be saved in online records.

62% Ration Card Linked with Aadhar Card in Chhatisgarh

62% Ration cards have been seeded with Aadhar card in Chhatisgarh. Out of 59.53 lakh ration card holders, 36.88 lakh consumers have successfully linked their ration card with Aadhar card. An official said that Aadhar card have been issued to 87% people in the state. 2.34 crore people have been allotted the 12-digit unique Aadhaar number out of a population of 2.70 crore in Chhatisgarh. Out of 18.85 lakh LPG consumers, 11.69 lakh have seeded their Aadhaar card for receiving LPG subsidy.

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