Annasree to be integrated with Aadhaar platform

The Annasree scheme will be integrated with the Aadhaar platform in which about 2 lac poor families will be provided with Rs. 600 monthly to avail them for the purpose of buying food grains. The integration will be incorporated with the intention that it will prevent fake ration card holders from gaining illegal benefits. The Delhi govt. is looking forward to implement this scheme as quickly as possible.

Haroon Yusuf told that the Annasree scheme is expected to begin from the month of November under which people having Below Poverty Line (BPL) and Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) cards will not be covered. Haroon Yusuf is the Delhi Food & Supplies Minister. He added that this type of integration with the UIDAI’s Aadhaar platform will check the phony people from taking illegitimate advantages of the government services. The actually deprived and needy people must get the maximum benefits from this type of support from the government and still there are 15% people who take the advantage unlawfully. The government is dedicated to make sure that people can get their ration supply correctly.

Initially, the project will be started on a trial basis in one of the districts which will tell about the people’s response towards it and the further proceedings will then be decided appropriately as per the outcomes of this integration process. Similar to other schemes to avoid misuse, the cash will be transferred to the eldest female member of the family.

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