After UID its Unique Tiger Id number for Tigers in India

Along with people of the country, government is also planning to give Aadhaar number to the tigers of the nation. Tigers will also be provided with unique identification number Aadhar card which will help in their identification, gathering other information about them and their counting. A complete database will be prepared before giving unique number to tigers. All the states give numbers or names to tigers at their level. Now National Tiger Conservation Authority will prepare a centralized database after which each tiger will be given a Unique Tiger Identification (UTID) number. Rajasthan Forest Department has completed preparations for this. Forest workers are also being given training for this. After this there will be no misunderstanding in identification of tigers.

UIDAI has renounced that the target of 60 crore Aadhaar enrollment will be achieved by 2014. According to a press release of Planning Commission the authority has issued more than 40.29 crore Aadhaar numbers till now. About 2 crore Aadhaar numbers were issued in the last month alone. UIDAI has setup permanent enrollment centers in different states. After launch of DBT, government has distributed Rs. 250 crore so far under various schemes in the country.

Chandigarh Administration has issued more than 8 lakh Aadhaar numbers so far. According to an official list 8,61,734 Aadhaar numbers have been issued in Chandigarh.

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