After Government and Oil companies, UIDAI files petition in SC

Supreme Court’s verdict on Aadhar card does not seem to be acceptable by both government and its agencies. This is the reason why one after the other, Supreme Court’s door is knocked in the Aadhar card issue. After government and Oil Companies, UIDAI is the latest to head towards the apex court for a modification on the Aadhar card issue. According to UIDAI, following SC’s order will great affect welfare schemes. SC in its order said that Aadhar card cannot be made mandatory for availing any government scheme or service. UIDAI has advocated that in its 23 September order SC court has handed responsibility to UIDAI to ensure that illegal immigrants do not get Aadhar card. Authority comments that the order demolishes that privilege of it which is responsible for confirmation of citizenship.

UIDAI in its filed petition has said that Aadhar card is a proof of identification and verification of citizenship and responsibility of finding illegal immigrants is of other agencies. According to petition, through policy based decision, government has given responsibility to the authority to issue Aadhaar to residents of India. Aadhar card is a proof of identification but not of citizenship. It is mentioned that government has handed confirmation of citizenship and finding of illegal immigrants responsibilities to specified agencies. A modification in the interim order has been requested in the petition. The SC’s interim order has asked the authority to check the citizenship status of the person enrolling for Aadhar card and identifying illegal immigrants impinges on the jurisdiction of the appropriate authorities under law that are entrusted with this task. Supreme Court has declared 22 October as the next hearing day for the petition filed by government and oil companies on the Aadhar card issue.

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