Aadhar Card to be Must for 20 More Schemes

If you have not got Aadhar card then enroll for it soon. According to sources, Aadhaar issuing authority UIDAI has identified 20 such fields where use of Aadhar card could be made mandatory. After passing of Aadhaar bill from the parliament, Unique Identification Authority of India has started identifying such fields where Aadhar card can be deployed as a mandatory document proof.

Main sectors where Aadhar card can be made compulsory are registration of company, demat account, all types of bank accounts, provident fund, NGO registration, passport application, PAN card, income tax returns, property and vehicle registration, life insurance, health insurance, accidental insurance, SIM card, landline connection, SSC and UPSC examination etc.

After Supreme Court’s instructions, Aadhar card is currently being used as mandatory in six programs. Besides these, 15 PILs are already filed in the apex court challenging the compulsory use of Aadhar card in various schemes. However, so far 78% LPG connections, 61% ration card, 69% MNREGA card and 30 crore bank accounts have been linked with Aadhar card. UIDAI has issued Aadhar cards to 98% of adults in the country. It is working hard to enroll the remaining people by operating Aadhaar Challenge Program.

We suggest you to enroll for Aadhar card as early as possible if you have not enrolled for it yet. You don’t need to be in any kind of confusion just like before because even without a legal status, Aadhar card has become a key part of our everyday life. After passing of the Aadhaar bill, it has become quite obvious that Aadhar card is going to be the most valuable document proof for all of us in the near future. Prime Minister Office (PMO) has already set deadline of September 2016 to issue Aadhar card to every adult person of this country while for children it is set for March 2017. According to a report, 21.5 crore children (below the age of 18 years) are still left for Aadhar card enrollment.

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