Aadhar card to be made mandatory for Passport

Narendra Modi’s central government is going to take a serious step regarding Aadhar card. Central government is planning to make Aadhar card mandatory for issuance of Passport in India. Those people who want to fly abroad might not be able to do so if they do not have Aadhaar card. Police verification could become an old fashioned process in the future. Reason behind this is that finance ministry has given proposal to believe data provided by UIDAI (Aadhar Card) and National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) for the identification and verification of the Passport applicant. Self-certified documents of Passport applicant can eliminate the long process of new Passport issuance.

According to official sources, a crucial meeting for discussion on this has already been done between officials from home and foreign ministries. Foreign ministry along with UIDAI is working for this implementation and the process is expected to be completed by the end of November month. According to the newly proposed scheme the long delays in the issuance of new Passports could be reduced. Usually, people complain about long delays during the Police verification process. Aadhar card is being made mandatory for Passport after instructions from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to the new scheme, if the Passport applicant does not have Aadhar card (or Aadhaar Number) then he/she has to submit the Aadhaar Enrollment Number (EID). The Aadhaar Enrollment ID is provided to the person when he/she enrols for the Aadhar card. For identification of criminals, NCRB will make such system in the next two months which will identify whether the Passport applicant is involved in any criminal charges or not. The latter process will remove the role of Police Verification thereby resulting in saving of lot of time of the Passport applicant.

On the contrary, Supreme Court in its order on 24 September 2013 said that Aadhar card cannot be made mandatory for any government scheme or service. That order was announced when UPA was in charge at the centre. Now, the new BJP government at the centre is also planning to go the same way which the previous government had followed.

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