Aadhar card to be delivered to 8 lakh people in Jamshedpur

Those people in Jamshedpur who enrolled for Aadhar card during the period of last one year will soon get their Aadhar card. Many of these people have already got their Aadhar card letters while majority of these are still waiting for theirs. UIDAI has increased the speed of issuing Aadhaar numbers. Aadhar card work of about 8 lakh people of the district is pending at the Bangalore Data centre but now they will soon be issued by the authority. UIDAI has issued Aadhaar to about 1.25 crore people of the state in the last 30 days through its Bangalore Central Data Centre. According to the 2011 census, population of the district is about 22.50 lakh out of which about 18.15 lakh people have enrolled for Aadhar card. About 10.22 lakh people of rural region while 7.82 lakh people of urban region have enrolled for Aadhar card. According to an official enrollment work is almost complete at many blocks in the district. Enrollment work in Jamshedpur block is slower in comparison to other blocks.

Enrollment halts as contract ends in Himachal Pradesh

At one end where state and central government are forcing to ensure resident’s identification through Aadhar card enrollment, at the other end the limited period of Aadhar card enrollment contract of companies in Himachal Pradesh state has also come to an end. But government is unable to achieve 100% target in the specified period. Contract of company for enrollment in Shimla, Chamba, Hoshiarpur, Bilaspur and Una district expired in the first week of the financial month while company is continuing the work in only Kangra district. Contract of this district is also ending on November 8 after which people of this district will also get denied of enrollment like other districts. Company’s staff members have also not received their payment of three months. There are many people in the state who have not received Aadhar card even after six to eight months of enrollment. There are even few applicants whose enrollment records cannot be found. Huge crowds can be seen at the enrollment centers these days. DC of Chamba district Sandeep Kadam said that the complete report has been proposed to the government. Company coordinator Vipin Bhardwaj said that company is completing formalities to extend contract further. After its completion only anything can be said in regard to enrollment work. Wages of staff members will also paid soon.

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