Aadhar card removes paper work for opening bank account

With the inclusion of a new feature in Aadhar card, Aadhar card holder can now open bank account without the need of any paper work. UIDAI has added this new facility with Aadhar card. This will encourage electronic based banking system. UIDAI chief Nandan Nilekani said that anyone who will tell his 12-digit Aadhaar number by visiting a bank branch will come out as a bank account holder outside. He said that bank will bank will link to UIDAI through an authorized service agent which will provide it with the UIDAI database. He added that the person only has to give his fingerprints in the bank branch. He said that this facility is more secure than submitting copies of documents. UIDAI has issue about 46 crore Aadhaar number till now and will achieve 60 crore mark by end of this year.

Grace period of three months ending today in Mandi district

There is a sad new for those in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh who have linked their Aadhaar number with bank account but yet to submit it to their gas dealers. Such consumers might get deprived of subsidy benefits under Direct Benefit Transfer scheme from November 1. According to sources, LPG cylinders will be available at market price in the district from November 1. Those who have not linked Aadhaar with bank account and have not submitted details to gas distributors might have to incur an extra burden of Rs.500 for a cylinder. Grace period for seeding process is ending on October 31 and government has already provided three months of extra time period for completing all the formalities. Now the LPG cylinder would cost around Rs. 1100 in the region. Few more than 10 lakh people in the district have enrolled for Aadhar card. People are also facing difficulties in the multi-linking process.

DBT-Keronse subsidy scheme in Una district from November 15

Kerosene subsidy amount now will also be transferred directly into the Aadhar card linked bank account of the beneficiary in Himachal Pradesh. The kerosene subsidy scheme is starting from November 15 in the state. Food and Supply Department has begun the proceedings for collecting Aadhar card numbers of all those people who avail kerosene subsidy benefits. With the beginning of the scheme, beneficiary has to purchase kerosene at the market price of Rs. 40 per litre while the subsidy amount will be transferred into the Aadhaar linked bank account of the beneficiary later on. The kerosene subsidy scheme had to begin from October 15 in the state but the department was unable to gather Aadhaar numbers of the beneficiaries due to which the beginning date of the scheme had to be extended for one month.

The scheme was talked to be started from Una district earlier because of higher percentage of Aadhaar enrollment in the district. LPG subsidy scheme has already started in the state. The department is keen on this scheme because it wants to end misuse of kerosene. At present the kerosene subsidy is provided to those people in the state who do not have LPG cylinder and those who have only one LPG connection. Five litre of kerosene per month is provided to those who do not have a gas connection while three litre of kerosene is provided to those who have only one LPG cylinder. The kerosene subsidy scheme will be implemented as pilot project in Una district from November 15.

Aadhar card is very important: ADC Amritsar

Amritsar ADC Vikas Pradeep said that Aadhar card is essential for availing benefits of schemes run by government. He was addressing a meeting at his office with District Food and Supply Controller and representatives of various oil companies. He gathered details about Aadhar card work from the concerned officials. He added that Aadhar card is essential and those who have got their Aadhar card should also register it with their gas dealers. Amritsar DFSC Raminder Singh said that about 70% enrollment work has been completed in the district. 80 machines are in operation in the district for Aadhar card enrollment of the people. Gurgaon ADC has also appealed people of the district to show hurry for Aadhar card enrollment. LPG subsidy will be transferred into bank accounts from January 2014 for which beneficiary must have Aadhar card. He added that after getting Aadhar card people should link bank account with gas consumer number. Not enrolling for Aadhar card can pose difficulty in availing subsidy benefits.

Aadhar card enrollment of old-age pensioners at home in Bhandaridah

Sub-division administration of Bhandaridah, Jharkhand will enroll disabled and old-age beneficiaries for linking pensioners with Aadhar card. Concerned officials will go to such pensioners along with computer system for completing Aadhar card enrolment process. District Transport Officer Vijay Kumar Gupta during a meeting with other officials said that if scheme of making beneficiaries’ pension online payment is not completed by October 30 then wages of concerned will be stopped from immediate action. Through this scheme amounts of beneficiaries will be directly transferred into their bank account.

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