Aadhar Card originator Nandan Nilekani to contest Lok Sabha election in Bangalore

UIDAI chief Nandan Nilekani after being announced as the Congress candidate for the Bangalore South Lok Sabha constituency officially joined the party after one day. The man behind inception of Aadhaar was formally included in the Congress party. State Congress President handed him the party flag before filling up the membership form. He said, “I think I have made people familiar with some unique experience”. He said, “I remained part of three big things, first as the co-founder of India’s largest company (Infosys), second, I became part of ID project from zero under which 60 crore people were given ID card, third, I was the chief of Bangalore Agenda Taskforce (BTF) from 1999-2004 where I came to know about specifics of regional administration”. Nilekani said, “I know very well how to work in city. I have diverse experience. I’m of clean image and am regional candidate. Therefore, people should vote for me”. Nilekani will face tough competition from BJP candidate Anant Kumar who has won five times from this constituency. It was anticipated earlier that Congress party could choose Nandan Nilekani to fight against Anant Kumar from this constituency. Read that news here

Aadhar card once again found in garbage heap

Aadhar card like government programs are being made fun of by the postal department in the Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh. Dozens of Aadhar card have been found in garbage dumps due to which fury is arising among people. Few days ago Aadhar card were made by setting up camps at several places in the city and these card were sent to post office for distribution. Postman had to deliver these Aadhar cards to addresses of respective owners. Firstly these cards housed in the post office for few days but when people came to know about that then they decided to receive them directly by visiting the post office. Dozens of Aadhar card were found lying in the garbage near Purani Ghas Mandi on Saturday. When people learned about that, they started uproar of protest at the post office. It is still unknown that how these cards reached there.

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