Aadhar Card Not Accepted at Transport Department

Moradabad (UP): Though Central Government has provided statutory status to Aadhaar, there still exists few departments which do not accept Aadhar card as a valid ID and address proof. One such department which does not accept Aadhar card from the public is the transport office in Moradabad. Applicants coming with Aadhar card to get driving license only return empty handed from the transport office. Many a times applicants get engaged in heated verbal debate with the officials at the transport office. Officials are also bound by the laws as there still exists no place for the ID-cum-address proof Aadhar card in the list of acceptable valid documents by the authority.

Actually, government wants to maximise the utilisation of Aadhar card in the country by implementing it at various level at different departments. Presently, Aadhar card is being used to open bank accounts, receive LPG subsidy, PDS, payment of wages and pensions, ticket booking, property registration, marriage registration etc. Even after this, the transport department is unwilling to accept Aadhar card to issue driving licenses to the applicants. The department also ignores Aadhar card for renewal or new registration of vehicles. It demands for ID proof and residence certificate from the applicants. People are also confused as government has already declared Aadhar card a valid documents and is being used widely at majority of the places like in banks, tehsils, colleges, etc.

Transport department officials say that still residence certificate, voter ID card and school certificate are mentioned as valid document proofs in the books of the laws. Rajesh Shrivastava, ARTO, said, “This is a problem of every other place and administration has been informed about this. As soon as we receive any circular in this regard, Aadhar will become a valid document then”.

This problem exist in the system because no one has taken serious steps to amend the laws and update their laws to include Aadhar card as a valid ID and address proof. Instead, public is the one suffering because of negligence of the transport department. People says that Aadhar holds the photograph, name, date of birth and address of the applicant but still it is not considered by the officials. Aadhar card should be accepted with the highest of authenticity.

Whatever the suffering is, the fact is that government’s negligence towards its public is clearly visible to everyone. There is a huge difference between the saying and doings of the government.

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