Aadhar Card Must for Marriage in this Temple

Aadhar card has been made mandatory for marriages in the famous Lord Golu Temple situated in Almora district of Uttarakhand. Priests of the temple have taken this decision with the intention to prevent child marriages to some extent. According to the temple management, management will ask for Aadhar card of the person willing to tie the knot. No other documents like driving license, voter identity card etc. will be accepted from the persons coming to the temple for marriage.

About 400 marriages take place every year in this temple which means that during the wedding season an average of 6 weddings take place every day. One of the temple priest said, “Every year large numbers of marriage take place in this temple due to which it becomes very difficult to check the name and address of the married couple. Many love pairs from other states also come here for their marriage which makes it even tougher to recognise their name, age and address before their marriage proceedings.”

Many a times minor pair also run away from their home for their marriage. This decision has been taken to prevent illegal marriage of the minor couple. Local residents believe that couple getting married in this temple are blessed by Lord Golu. Lord Golu is also known as the god of justice in the region.

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