Aadhar card mandatory for LPG subsidy in Gurgaon

LPG subsidy will be given only to those who have submitted their Aadhar card copy to their respective gas agencies in Gurgaon. All gas companies have ordered gas agencies in this regard. After making Aadhar card mandatory by the oil companies, local gas agencies are busy in preparing list of only those consumers who have submitted copies of Aadhar card to them. It is obvious that Supreme Court has not accepted Aadhar card as mandatory while the district food supply controller (DFSC) says that talk will be made with gas agencies in this regard. Without caring of the SC’s decision, oil companies have asked for Aadhar card from the consumers for providing LPG subsidy to them and have made Aadhar card compulsory. Assistant Regional Manager of Bharat Petroleum Corporation told that company has ordered gas agencies operators to collect Aadhar card from the people for providing cash subsidy so that their subsidy amount can reach in their bank account.

LPG subsidy reaching into accounts of 50k in Faridabad

LPG subsidy has started to reach directly into the Aadhar card linked bank accounts of consumers in Faridabad district of Haryana. Subsidy is reaching directly into the accounts of about 50000 beneficiaries in the district. This information was shared by a senior UIDAI official through video conferencing on Friday. During the video conferencing, DFSC, operators of all the district agencies, representatives of Aadhar card Enrollment Company, District Information Officer and bank managers were present. Director Keshni Anand Arora said that maximum people should take benefits of LPG subsidy. People should link their Aadhar card with their bank accounts and Aadhar card seeding should be done. Bank should also open zero balance accounts as there are many people whose economical condition is not that good. It was also told that till now only 12% Aadhaar seeding has been done in the district which means that out of 4.5 lakh consumers 50000 have linked with it into whose account subsidy amount is reaching.

Amritsar DC reviews progress on Aadhar card

Ravi Bhagat, DC Amritsar attended a meeting with DFSC, officials of chief lead banks and representatives of oil companies to review the Aadhar card enrollment and registration of Aadhar card in banks progress. He said that Aadhar card is essential for availing benefits given by state government under various schemes. DBT scheme will be implemented from January 1, 2014 for which linking Aadhar card with bank account and gas connection number is required. He instructed DFSC to ensure that people do not face any kind of problem in Aadhar card enrollment. Representatives of oil companies also aware DC about the Aadhar card status during the meeting.

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