Aadhar card is not mandatory: Supreme Court

If you have not got your Aadhar card yet then it is quite possible that you might not need it anymore in future as well. At present the situation is that you can open a bank account using Aadhaar number. You can also get a new mobile number through Aadhaar. However, if you want to buy any insurance policy or interested in investing in mutual funds then besides Aadhar card you also need to have other government issued documents means Permanent Account Number (PAN). But for some time need of Aadhar card might be limited for some works. Government’s ambitious Aadhaar project was hurt badly on Monday when Supreme Court (SC) ordered the government to take back all its orders back in which Aadhar card was made mandatory for availing benefits of any government schemes or services.

The apex court also ordered UIDAI not to share any kind of information to any government agency without the consent of the Aadhar card holder. The bench headed by Justice BS Chauhan ruled out that biometric and other data cannot be shared with any authority. In September last year SC said that Aadhar card cannot be made compulsory for getting benefits of government schemes or services like wages, PF, marriage-property registration etc. Last month central government separated Aadhar card from the LPG subsidy scheme.

A former UIDAI official said that government never sent any operating order to UIDAI for making Aadhar card mandatory. According to the UIDAI’s policy Aadhaar is not mandatory for every person. Aadhaar is similar to America’s Social Security Card (SSC) in which all types of subsidized benefits are transferred directly into your bank account. He said that sharing of data is also not mentioned in the UIDAI’s policy. UIDAI has not been given the right to share data with any other agency.  He added that it would be interesting to see how much Aadhar card would be successful once the government passes the bill and give it legal status. Some politicians are in favour of this while some are confused. This question still exists that whether the next government will introduce the Aadhaar bill in the parliament or not. There is still not clarity over this question.

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