Aadhar Card is not a valid address proof: MHA

Aadhar card has been given a new definition this time by the central government. Aadhar card can be a proof of your unique identity but it no longer proves your address certification. Home Ministry has raised concerns over Telecom Department’s decision to accept Aadhar card as a valid address proof document. Aadhar card does establish your unique identity but it does not confirm your address proof. The ministry has also written a letter to the department warning about its danger. The DoT has prepared a scheme to accept Aadhar card as a valid address proof document for obtaining new telephone or mobile connection.

MHA believes that through iris scan, fingerprints and photograph Aadhar card confirms the genuineness of the holder but it neither confirms citizenship nor the address verification. MHA says that there is proposal to make Aadhar card even without identity and address proof document. A person with an issued Aadhaar number can propose another person for Aadhaar card generation. That is why government departments should not accept it as address proof document. Through Aadhar card, DoT is preparing to verify new mobile or telephone connection according to its new scheme. Another concern is that foreigners might use it for taking citizenship of India.

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