Aadhar Card for making Cashless Payments Soon

If everything goes according to plan, then soon we might be able to use our Aadhar card for making payments. Government aiming towards cashless economy is preparing another mega concept to use Aadhar card for making payments. If the government succeeds in its objective of implementing this plan then we might not need our debit cards for making payments.
Actually, government is preparing a common mobile application which will enable shopkeepers and businessmen to accept payment through Aadhar card of their clients. This Aadhar card based payment platform will eliminate the use of debit cards, credit cards, atm cards, prepaid cards, pin, password etc. from the everyday life of the people. This mobile application will facilitate biometric certification of the customer for making Aadhar card based payment transactions.
UIDAI CEO Mr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey said that they want to take biometric identification from the present value of 10 crore to 40 crore per day. He added that Aadhar based payment platform will bring more transparency in financial transactions. If this project gets successful then the government will move several steps forward towards realising its dream of achieving cashless society in the country.
Just like any other scheme, this Aadhar card based payment platform appears sparkling from distance but it is yet to be seen how the government will implement this plan across the diverse territory of the country. There are several aspects which have to been seen in proper implementation of this mobile phone app based payment platform. How the money will be transferred electronically, which will be the accounts for sending and receiving money, is the infrastructure of the nation established enough to make possible this plan.

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