Aadhar Card for Cows Soon: Jharkhand Minister

Aadhaar, a 12-digit unique identification number which serves both as an identity and address proof has become a key identity for Indian people. Normally, the Aadhar card is issued to the people who enrolls for it, submit relevant proofs and undergoes biometric details scanning. After processing the enrollment of the applicant person, UIDAI issues a 12-digit unique number printed on a card normally termed as Aadhar card. You would be asking why we are telling you this basic stuff which everyone knows. Well, we have a reason behind that and by the end of this article, you would be confused about your knowledge about the Aadhar card.

Quite a few times, we have informed you about some news where an Aadhar card has been issued bearing the photograph of a dog, sometimes a tree and sometimes in the name of Lord Hanumanji bearing his proper details like photograph, father’s name. Well, these all news shocked you because the above incidents were result of irregularities by the department. Now, the news mentioned above is not going to happen accidently, rather it is a fully processed proper mechanism to issue Aadhar cards to cattle.

Jharkhand Agriculture Minister. Randhir Singh was the chief guest at the inauguration program of a cowshed in Dumka. While addressing the people he said, “Laws have been made to prevent killing of cattle but they have not been followed strictly. Cattle breeding can be used as a medium of employment. Government has decided to make five cattle hostels across the state. One cattle hostel has been setup in Hazaribagh where 200 unemployed youths are taking care of 1000 cows”.

Mr. Singh added, “A plant is being installed in Ranchi with a capacity to process one lakh litre of milk “. Randhir Singh said, “Aadhar card of pregnant cows and other animals will be made to prevent animal trafficking. This will help in identifying trafficking or sale of cows illegally to punish the involved people”. Minister expressed his deep concern about the poor state of cows in the state. He also informed that the state government has sanctioned Rs. 50 lakh for development of cowsheds.

It is now interesting to see how and when his talks will be implemented. As of now, there is still no confirmation from the state government about making Aadhar card for cows. By looking at the present scenario, it is looking very unlikely that Mr. Randhir’s scheme of issuing Aadhar cards to animals will come to reality anytime soon.

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