Aadhar card for 12000 prisoners in Gujarat

Aadhar card will be issued to about 12000 prisoners in the state of Gujarat by 15th March. With Aadhar card of the prisoners, their family members will get relief from the problems suffered without Aadhar card. A woman filed a petition in Gujarat high court in which she said that her husband is captive in jail and since Aadhar card is mandatory for LPG, she is deprived of cylinders. High court’s justice on taking woman’s petition seriously ordered to enroll 12000 prisoners kept in jail for Aadhar card so that their family members do not suffer problems arising because of absence of Aadhar card. Senior police officials of the state have confirmed the high court order.

Fake Aadhar card team caught in Ghaziabad

Residents handed over a gang of fraud Aadhar card team to police near Shalimar Garden region in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. Police took accused to Shalimar Garden police station and the investigation is on. Vivek a resident of Shalimar Garden extension said that few people were doing fake Aadhar card enrollment in the Sadbhavna Marg Society. These people were charging Rs.100 per enrollment and Rs.200 if documents are not complete. When her wife Rupali Saxena went there on Wednesday morning then she was asked to pay Rs.100. They asked to show permission letter to which a lady denied. After that they shoot a video on mobile in which she was asking for Rs.100 from the people. After that residents gathered there and handed over them to the police. These people were doing this work since last week and till then they had enrolled about 400 people. People are demanding for a strict investigation against them. Police in-charge said that the matter is being investigated.

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