Aadhar card enrollment at gas agencies re-starts in Etawah

Aadhar card enrollment at gas agencies has once again started in Etawah from Sunday but only few people could be seen at the centre for the enrollment process. Deadline date for seeding Aadhaar was set to be 31st December 2013 until which less than 25% consumers’ Aadhar card were linked with their bank account while remaining did not have Aadhar card and were wandering for that. Since the work did not complete in the specified time, the deadline date has been extended till end of March 2014 and the enrollment work re-started in the region. People are reaching in less numbers at the centers because most of them are unaware about the re-started program. Enrollment at gas agencies started so that consumers can get Aadhar card and seed it with gas connection and bank account but besides LPG consumes, those people who do not have any connection are also taking advantage of these enrollment camps.

Grace period ending this month in Faridabad district

Those LPG consumers in Faridabad district who have not linked their Aadhar card with gas connection and bank account should hurry up to complete these procedures because after 31st January LPG subsidy without Aadhar card will not be available to the consumers and refill of the cylinder might cost almost double than the current price. According to the district administration only 19% consumers have linked their Aadhar card with gas connection and bank account number. The DBTL subsidy scheme was started by the government in the district from 1st November 2013 and since only few people were having Aadhar card at that time, the government provided a grace period of three months to the people of the district and that grace period is ending on 31st January 2014. There are about 4.5 lakh LPG consumers in the district out of which only 19% (about 90k) consumers have completed the Aadhar card seeding formalities. According to the officials, there are about 1.3 lakh such consumers who have linked Aadhaar with gas connection but they are yet to link it with their bank account number.

SRDH prepared in Chandigarh using UIDAI data

UIDAI’s data has now become resident’s hub for Chandigarh. Chandigarh’s IT Department has prepared state resident data hub (SRDH) by using data used for issuance of Aadhar card. One can find complete details from the data prepared by SRDH. Chandigarh administration has already declared Aadhaar as a valid identity proof for many important works. IT Secretary Prerna Puri told that enrollment of 97% people of Chandigarh has been completed out of which Aadhaar has been issued to 86%. She said that SRDH will be used for implementing many government schemes. This will be social security pension scheme which will include rehabilitation scheme, scholarship scheme and public distribution system scheme. SRDH will be hosting state resident data hub and Chandigarh’s NIC unit will providing server to it. SRDH will be the second form of UIDAI’s data and will have demographic data. Biometric details (fingerprints and iris scan) will not be stored at the state level and will be available at UIDAI CIDR.

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