Aadhar card based DBT-LPG subsidy scheme in Mohali from February 2014

Aadhar card based DBT scheme for LPG subsidy will begin from February 2014 in the Mohali district of Punjab. Administration has also speeded up for this implementation in the district. Deputy Commissioner TPS Sidhu also organized a meeting with District Food Supply Controller (DFSC), representatives of oil companies and chief lead bank and gas agencies operators to discuss about linking Aadhar card with bank account and LPG connection. He said that the scheme would be implemented in the entire district from February 2014 for which consumers have to submit essential documents. All consumers have to write gas connection number and mobile number on the copy of Aadhar card. Bank account number, bank name and mobile number should also have to be written on the other copy of Aadhar card. After which both of these copies would be submitted to the respective gas agencies while consumer has to contact with bank to link Aadhar card number with bank account. They have to provide their Aadhaar number to their bank branch only after which subsidy could be transferred into their account.

On the other hand people of Jalandhar have been asked to link their Aadhar card with gas connection within 18 days otherwise they could be deprived of LPG subsidy of Rs. 430 which will result in purchasing a cylinder for Rs. 1013.More than five lakh people are such who have enrolled for Aadhar card but have not received it yet. Officials say to take a printout of their e Aadhar card from the website and link it with their gas connection.

Similar news also comes from Ambala where DFSC says that undoubtedly Supreme Court has raised questions on the reliability of Aadhar card but they have not received any written order from the state government. This is why people have to suffer difficulty without Aadhar card. Villagers from a village of Cant expressed rage over negligence on giving gas cylinders. Villagers accuse gas operators for not delivering gas cylinders even after giving Aadhar card receipt and ID proof. People are upset because of willfulness of gas operators and no one is there to hear their complaints. On the other hand a gas operator said that supply of LPG cylinders to people is taking place and there is not any kind of trouble.

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