Aadhaar not compulsory for members: EPFO

After intense opposition and observing irregularities in the process of obtaining Aadhaar number, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has decided to withdraw its decision of making Aadhaar mandatory for its members. After understanding the difficulties and the time period required in procurement of Aadhar card, EPFO felt that enrolment for Aadhaar, receiving of Aadhar card and then submission of those details will not be possible by 1st March 2013 and as a consequence of it, the EPFO decided to take back its decision of making Aadhaar compulsory for over 5 crore members. Another reason which forced the organisation was that the enrolment process for Aadhaar is under process in 18 states only and not in the entire country which will disable a large section of its member to enrol for Aadhar card.

The EPFO also announced that it will gather core banking account number of all contributing members as indicated in electronic challan cum return (ECR). EPFO has also directed regional and sub-regional offices in this regard. Earlier last month EPFO declared that furnishing of Aadhaar details will be mandatory for its new members from 1st March 2013 while the existing members will need to furnish their Aadhaar details within a certain specified time after which the decision was taken by surprise by the members and trade unions and they also criticised and mentioned their opposition.

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