Aadhaar helped a man to meet his family

Besides the intended benefits of the unique 12-digit Aadhaar number from UIDAI, it seems as if the Unique Identification Number (UID) is made for much more than that. This may sound unusual but it is true that Aadhaar has become the cause for helping a man separated from his family to meet his family back again. This is news from Rohtak where members of a public institution helped a man to meet his family from which the man was separated. For this the Aadhar card of that man came to be handy. The wife of the man thanked the officials at PGIMS on 27th July 2012 for helping her to meet her lost husband again.

Subhash Bhatnagar, an official from the institute, told that a nameless man was referred from Bahadurgarh to PGIMS on 24th July 2012. Doctors from the emergency department of the institute handed over the patient to the servants for taking his care. The man was treated in ward no.-6 who was under the care of volunteers for 24 hours. During the supervision of the man the hospital people found the Aadhar card of that man. On finding his Aadhar card the hospital officials called the Delhi Police for their help into this matter. But the police department did not show much interest in this case. The hospital staff themselves decided to search for clan of that man. One of the senior member from the institution contacted Delhi and found the address of the patient. The hospital staff then visited the patient address at his Sultanpur residence. The name of the man was Naseeb Chand. The hospital members came back to PGIMS along with Sunita, wife of Naseeb Chand, and they both met each other. Sunita thanked the hospital staff for helping his husband to meet his family.

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  1. how to correct misprint in our aadhar card? if i have not got my aadhar card what should be do? aadhaar card status in srikakulam dist?

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