Aadhaar enrollment to be soon in colleges of Gurgaon

Preparations are underway for running Aadhaar enrollment camps in colleges in Gurgaon, Haryana. Colleges have also put up demands to district administration for providing enrollment related machines to them. Colleges have added a column for Aadhaar number in their admission form from this session. The purpose of this inclusion is to enable scholarship related amount of students reach directly into their bank accounts. Assistance from district administration will be taken for making Aadhar card in colleges.

In the Sahibganj district of Jharkhand, the process for linking 51,300 pensioners of Social Security Pension Scheme with Aadhaar is underway. In villages where Aadhar card has not been made, agencies have been directed to complete the work quickly. Administration has asked all the people to open up bank accounts in the branches of core banking facilities. In the district, beneficiaries of State Old-age Pension Scheme get Rs. 400 per month, people in the age group of 60 to 79 years and above 80 years get Rs. 700 per month under Indira Gandhi National Old-age Pension scheme, beneficiaries of Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension and Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension scheme also receives Rs. 700 per month.

District Administration of Pakur, Jharkhand has asked its officials to add Aadhaar number in the ration card of the people. District Collector has directed to complete the data entry work of e-ration card of BPL people within two weeks and make entry of Aadhaar number in the data of ration card of the people. There are about 1.08 lac BPL and 63000 APL e-ration card to be made.

The Aadhaar data centre for storing all the data of the people of this country will be the country’s first blast-proof building expected to be ready next year. This blast, flood, earthquake proof building is being built in the IT hub of country in Bangalore. All the data of the people who enrolled for Aadhaar will be stored in digital form at this giant location.

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