Aadhaar enrollment soon in Banks in selected districts

Government is going to begin cash subsidy scheme on LPG in 20 districts from 15 May. The subsidy amount will be credited into the bank account of the consumer in which Aadhaar number will be very crucial. If you do not have Aadhaar number then there is no need to worry about because now you can enroll for Aadhaar number by going to bank. One bank will be given the job of enrollment in those districts where the scheme is going to be implemented. This will facilitate those who do not have their Aadhaar number. They can enroll themselves by going to a certain specified bank in their locality. According to the sources of Finance Ministry majority of the work has been completed. Banks have also been selected in different districts and also have been notified regarding this.

Government will assign the job of enrollment to one public bank in each district. Bank will complete all the proper formalities from fingerprint to iris scan of the people. Then all the details will be sent to the UIDAI office from where Aadhaar number will come to the enroller. The aim of government is to successfully implement the cash subsidy scheme in the country. The government doesn’t want the scheme to flop at least in the case of LPG cylinders’ subsidy. The government wants to benefit to about 30 to 40 percent consumers by the next year. Besides this the bank’s initiative of Know Your Customer (KYC) will also get linked to this. All the details of the people will be collected and the work of KYC will also be achieved from those people who will come to banks for Aadhaar enrollment.

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