Aadhaar enrollment begins in Chitrakoot, UP

The Aadhaar enrollment process has begun in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh. The urban region has been selected in the first phase. Its starting was done from ward no. 7 of the municipal corporation. The national population register is being made biometric. Through this on the basis of census done in 2010-11 a smart card for each family and Aadhar card for every member will be provided. Narendra Kumar, an official from the responsible company told that 5 years and people more than this age will be included in this. The enrollment of all the other ward people will be done serially.

Delhi Chief Election Officer Vijay Dev said that people can apply for Aadhar card along with voter ID card. At the inauguration of voter ID card- Aadhar card camp at the Indraprath Press Club Ground Dubey said that till now 1.22 crore voter ID-card have been made in Delhi. Last year 4.44 lac new people were registered. He said that we are also organizing such camps in school and colleges so that youths can get voter ID and Aadhar card. According to the news obtained from the Delhi Revenue Department, those enrollment centres where 2 machines were setup will be provided with 3 to 4 machines to speed up the enrollment process. The Aadhaar enrollment process will begin at the voter ID-card centres in all the 70 assemblies. Delhi government has made Aadhar card mandatory for many schemes.

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