Aadhaar enrollment a headache for people in Banda

Aadhaar enrollment is proving to be a serious difficulty for people of Banda, Uttar Pradesh. They are returning empty handed even after waiting for several hours while company staff members are blaming BLO to hide their lapses. Company is running enrollment camps at 4 schools in the city where people reach early in the morning but find only silence at the premises. On Saturday people reached at a government inter college for Aadhar card registration but found staff members absent over there. After that Aadhaar enrollment work began at 11 AM at a very slow speed. People complained that the list which is available at BLO is full of mistakes and it is difficult to find name in that list. BLO says that the list has been provided to him by Municipal Corporation. Anuj Tiwari a staff member said that oil in the generator was stolen by peon of the school due to which generator could not be started on time. Fans at the camps are also not functioning which is posing more difficulty for the people in this hot summer.

SP workers demonstrated by picketing for negligence shown in Aadhaar enrollment in railway colony in Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh. Demonstrators alleged that workers who were appointed for form distribution did not arrive due to which cards cannot be made. People reach at school by getting information but return empty handed. When asked to railway officials they said that this problem will be resolved soon.

The doubt of suspicion for making the job of Aadhar card distribution a business of commission is deepening on the postal department staff in Kishangarh, Ajmer. The house where a pile of Aadhar card was found on Thursday belongs to a postal department employee. Various organizations demonstrated at the main post office on Friday and handed a memorandum to the postmaster to file a FIR against the culprit employee of the concerned postal department. People captured two persons who were charging Rs. 30 for delivery of Aadhar card to their owner and with their sign captured thousands of Aadhaar letters from a house. But when postal department investigated on Friday only few cards were found from that place. People told postmaster that two persons were delivering Aadhar card home-to-home by charging Rs. 30 each. When people captured these two they found thousands of cards packed in bags at their home. That house belongs to employee of the postal department. Postmaster guaranteed that if the employees are found guilty in this case then appropriate action will be taken against them FIR will also be lodged at police station.

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