Aadhaar based Direct Cash Transfer from New Year

Government of India declared that ‘Direct Cash Transfer’ taken up to directly transfer of different welfare schemes cash to beneficiaries by the Government will be linked to Aadhaar. Direct cash transfer scheme through Aadhaar will commence from 1st January, 2013. A meeting of executive was held on 9th November, 2012 which was headed by Chief Secretary of Prime Minister and the Cabinet Secretary.  The decision was taken in the meeting that Aadhaar based Direct Cash Transfer scheme must be implemented by 1st April, 2013 in the first phase in 51 districts. Later on it will be extended in other 16 states. From the month of April 2014 this scheme will be implemented in all over India.

For this project, our Government will credit an amount of approximately 2,000 billion directly into the accounts of beneficiaries. This scheme of direct cash transfer will be benefited for pensions, scholarships, fuel subsidy, and food. Money transfer under this “Direct Cash Transfer” scheme will be done on the basis of Aadhaar (Unique Identification number). To avoid the frauds and falsification, money will be transferred directly to the account of eligible person. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appointed an executive committee comprising officials from IT Dept., Planning Commission and UIDAI. All participants of the meeting planned to implement the Direct Cash Transfer scheme on the basis of Aadhaar.  The participants discussed on various points like from where to start scheme first, allotting Aadhaar numbers to candidates and connecting Aadhaar to all banking systems and financial transaction etc.

At the end of meeting, a statement was announced saying that all the Government departments related to the direct cash transfer scheme based on Aadhaar will  adopt electronic direct cash transfer system.  To implement this process, it is necessary that all the beneficiaries should have Aadhaar number and bank account.  Till today only half of our country’s population have bank account and only 21 crore residents of India are having Aadhaar number. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will participate in the first national committee meeting which will held on 26th November, 2012.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am an Adhar Card and also BPL card holder ( My Adhar Card number is 6092 1474 9032)
    Please help me through money transfer if possible.I am very much poor person, so please think about me.

    Thanks & regards
    Tarak Biswas

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