A chaos at an enrollment camp in a Mahoba village

People of Narora village of Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh created a chaos at an enrollment camp for enrolling before the others. When situation got worse, staff members showed incapability to enroll anyone and informed police after shutting down the center. Enrollment work re-started after two hours when police reached at the spot. Aadhaar enrollment work was underway at Higher Primary School of the village on Wednesday. Central operators initiated to complete the work soon by setting up more than half a dozen computers at the camp but the crowd gathered was so large that it became impossible to handle them. Youth started creating chaos for enrolling first. The situation worsens and staff shut the camp and informed police about the incident. Staff members did not accused any particular person behind this incident.

More Aadhaar enrollment camps would be setup near mega apartments and corporate in Bangalore city. UIDAI Bangalore has taken this decision so that maximum people can be covered under the scheme as early as possible. Over 50% people have enrolled for Aadhaar in the state of Karnataka. Out of 3.59 enrolled people, 2.59 crore have been issued Aadhaar numbers.

The deadline date for providing bank account linked Aadhaar number will not be extended further. Remember, 31 August is the last date for the LPG consumers of Andhra Pradesh state to submit their details to their gas distributors in order to continue receiving LPG subsidy through DBT scheme.

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