8805 Aadhaar numbers issued to eunuchs in 2012

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) issued Aadhaar numbers to 8805 eunuchs all over the country last year in 2012. Ina reply to a RTI UIDAI said that in 2010 only 96 eunuchs were issued Aadhaar numbers while the number rose to 12544 in 2011. However, the next year 2012 saw a decline in this number and 8805 eunuchs were allotted their Aadhaar numbers. The reply also says that last year from January to 9 October more than 10 crore Aadhaar numbers were issued. 7.71 lac in 2010, 10.21 lac in 2011 and more than 10.19 crore till 9th October in 2012 Aadhaar numbers were issued.

The Maharashtra government has launched a plan of enrolling old-age and disabled people for their 12-digit UID number by sending a mobile van at the door step of these people. An official from IT department, Maharashtra said that this implementation will help us as well as those people who find it difficult to go to an enrollment centre for Aadhaar enrollment. This will facilitate elders and people with difficulties to enroll for their UID at their home. The implementation will be observed for couple of weeks and can later be extended to other regions if found a successful one.

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