3.84 lakh fake Aadhaar numbers cancelled by UIDAI

3.84 lakh Aadhaar number prepared under the biometric clause have been cancelled by the UIDAI. Under this clause, the enrollment agency is permitted to enroll people without taking their finger prints and iris scan. However, the agency has to capture photograph and demographic information of the people. The agency is paid Rs. 50 for every enrollment it does and to make an over income, some of the enrollment agencies generated some bogus enrollment.

An official from UIDAI said that,” Most of the 45,000 undelivered Aadhaar letters in Andhra Pradesh were under this exception clause. It gave rise to a suspicion and then a later examination brought into the knowledge that out of 48.8 lakh Aadhaar produced in the state, 2.3 lakh Aadhaar numbers were found bougus and eventually were cancelled by the authority”.  Same cases were found in other states as well. An official from the Delhi government told that this exception was introduced for highly disabled person and about 13000 deceptive enrollments were found during the scrutiny. The UIDAI reported fraudulent enrollments in Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Tripura and Uttar Pradesh as well.

The UIDAI has directed the enrollment agencies that the enrollment of the rest population of the country will be done in a regular manner and such type of exception will be allowed only after the prior permission from the authorities. The central government has decided to launch its Aadhaar based Direct Cash Transfer scheme in 43 districts from January 1, 2013.

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