2000 cr subsidy transferred in 2013 under Aadhar Card DBTL scheme

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh while presenting report card of UPA government said that till December 2013, subsidy amount worth more than Rs. 2000 crore have been transferred into bank accounts of more than 6.5 crore consumers under the direct benefit transfer scheme for LPG subsidy (DBTL). More than 6 crore consumers of 184 districts are taking benefits of this scheme. UIDAI has issued more than 51 crore Aadhaar numbers in the country and central government’s funded 28 schemes have been linked with Aadhaar. He added that 4 crore bank accounts have been linked with Aadhar card and 156 banks are contributing in this scheme. Initially the DBTL scheme was started in 20 districts of the country from June 2013 and after that 34 more districts were added to this in September 2013. Under this scheme advance subsidy amount is transferred into the Aadhar card linked bank account of the LPG consumer after which the consumer purchases LPG cylinder at market price from the gas distributor.

Aadhar card is a problem for people in Gorakhpur

There are about 3.5 lakh LPG consumers in Gorakhpur city while merely 8-10% of these have Aadhar card. Petroleum companies are forcing consumers to submit Aadhaar details. In such a case, the question rises how the other consumers submit their Aadhar card? The biggest fact is that Aadhar card enrollment is not underway in the region at present. Consumers are wandering across different areas of the city for the Aadhar card. People are asking question that since they do not have Aadhar card then how they can submit it. They are also receiving SMS on mobile stating that if they want to get subsidy then submit their Aadhar card. Anxious people when reached to their dealers, they also asked to submit their Aadhaar details. People also said that they will complain about this to senior officials of the petroleum companies. Devkrishna, ADM (Finance), said that since Aadhar cards are not being made in UP, therefore, gas operators cannot pressurize consumers.

Double worries for consumers in Jalandhar

At one end where LPG cylinder’s price reached all-time high in January, at the other end cancellation of online booking from 28 to 31 December doubled people’s problems. Crowd of people increased all of sudden at the premises of gas agencies in Jalandhar. Some were reaching for linking Aadhar card with gas connection while others were reaching to know about cancellation of their online booking. DC while attending a meeting with gas operators on Friday asked them to link each gas connection with Aadhar card. 31 December was the deadline for LPG consumers in Jalandhar to link Aadhar card with gas connection and bank account. The market price of a cylinder is costing Rs. 1313.50 to the people of the city. Server problem caused cancellation of the online booking adding to worries of the consumers. During the meeting DC said that E-Aadhar Cards are being issued by setting up special counter at the DC Office. He added that with only 43% linkage out of a total of 5 lakh consumers, government’s scheme is getting affected.

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