10 Years Jail for unauthorized Aadhaar data access

Central government has made a new announcement regarding Aadhar card. If anyone accesses your Aadhaar data without taking your permission, then he can be prosecuted to jail for a period of at most 10 years. Actually, UIDAI is taking such measures in order to protect the privacy of the Aadhar card holder. Government wants to bring more number of services under the purview of Aadhar card.

In a bid to remove privacy worries associated with the Aadhaar number, government issued an order on 21st December 2015. UIDAI project has been challenged in the Supreme Court for its use in various services as a mandatory document. That means anyone except authorized personnel who access the UIDAI system or try to do so, will be liable for a prosecution to prison for 10 years along with some monetary fine. Prime Minister has asked top bureaucrats to think about making Aadhar card useful for maximum number of government services.

DARPG Secretary Devendra Chaudhary said that PM Modi reviewed the use of Aadhar card in government services during a progress meeting with bureaucrats in November. He added that they wanted to plan maximum number of government services based on Aadhaar platform. Prime Minister has this vision. Supreme Court in its interim order on 15th October said that Aadhar card should be an optional document in schemes like MNREGA, PMJDY, central and state government payment systems, EPF scheme, PDS, LPG subsidy, etc. SC limited the use of Aadhar card up to few schemes only in its order.

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