Aadhaar FAQs

Aadhaar is a project from the Indian government operated by the UIDAI under which the residents of this country are enrolled for giving them a unique identification number (UID). The following is a list of most frequently asked questions related to Aadhaar. There are many other queries besides the ones mentioned below which have been answered in the other posts of the Aadhaar FAQs section. If you still have any doubt, query and suggestion then please free to contact us.

Q.1. What is Aadhaar?

Ans. Aadhaar is a project from the government of India under which the residents of this country will be given a unique identification number (UID). The Aadhaar number is a 12 digit unique number for every single individual whose uniqueness is determined through the biometric (fingerprints, iris scan, photograph) and demographic (residential address) details of the individuals.

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Q.2. Which is the regulatory body for Aadhaar?

Ans. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on behalf of the government of India is the regulatory body for Aadhaar.

Q.3. Who is eligible for Aadhaar?

Ans. Any resident of this country including infants can enrol for Aadhaar. Even NRIs and foreign citizens residing in India can also enrol for Aadhaar.

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Q.4. Is Aadhaar a smart card?

Ans. As per the UIDAI facts Aadhaar is not a card rather it is a number which is unique for every beneficiary of it.

Q.5. Is it compulsory/mandatory to enrol for Aadhaar?

Ans. No, Aadhaar is not a compulsory scheme at all, it is a voluntary based scheme and anyone who is interested can enrol for Aadhaar.

Q.6. What is the fee charged for enrolling for Aadhaar?

Ans. No fee will be charged at any stage under this scheme. Aadhaar is free for everyone and no fee will be charged at any time in the future as well.

Q.7. How can I enrol for Aadhaar?

Ans. Visit any authorised Aadhaar enrolment centre nearby you with some documents of your identity and address proof where you will need to fill up the Aadhaar enrolment form and give your biometric and demographic details. After which you will get an acknowledgement slip which will be used to track your Aadhaar status. This complete your job in the process of getting your Aadhaar number, the rest is up to UIDAI which will send you your Aadhaar letter after some time.

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Q.8. What are the documents required for Aadhaar enrolment?

Ans. You need to bring Proof of Identity (PoI) and Proof of Address (PoA) documents at the enrolment centre.

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Q.9. I have enrolled for Aadhaar now how can I track my Aadhaar status?

Ans. You can track your Aadhaar status here

Q.10. Where can I contact for any query or complaint?

Ans. You can contact to UIDAI through any of the following means:

  • Telephone Number: 1800-300-1947 (Toll-free)
  • Fax: 080-2353 1947
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 1947, GPO Bangalore – 560001
  • Email Address: help@uidai.gov.in and  aadharcard@in.com

Q.11. What is the use of Aadhaar Number?

Ans. Your Aadhaar Number will serve as the single source for your identification that can be used in various services like ticket booking, opening of bank accounts, transfer of welfare payments etc. Aadhaar will help the poor and needy people into the proper banking system, give them chance get benefits from the services provided by the government and the private sector. It will provide migrants mobility of identity.

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Q.12. How to find the nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre nearby me?

Ans. See our Aadhaar enrolment centre section for this information.

51 thoughts on “Aadhaar FAQs

  1. Today, I produced my Aadhar Card to ICICI Bank, Jayanagr, Bangalore Branch, as proof of my address, for updation of KYC. But they refused to accept Aadhar Card as proof of Address. They said that Aadhar Card serves only as ID proof and not as address proof.
    Is not AAdhar Card an address proof also for Bank’s KYC updation ? Please give immediate reply. Please let me know where it is stated (Circular No. ) in case it is accepted as address proof for Bank A/cs.

  2. my Enrol No.-1218/16016/00123 Date:- 23/09/2011 10:05:07 my aadhaar card not received me yet delivery no. is UE076902583IN pls help me to received my aadhaar card

    1. Good Lord ! The Temporary ID you have is supposed to be CONFIDENTIAL till you get the aadhaar number.

      If you want to find where your aadhaar card then please track your number. It may have actually been delivered but it is also possible that somebody else signed for it.


  3. How does one get a aadhar card who is frequently shifting rented premises due to job insecurity and financial problems.



    1. Not presently as far as I know. Passports are the formal identification in not only foreign countries but in protected zones.

      Aadhaar being a voluntary enrollment does not have the formal status that a passport has ( criminal checks / police verification / physical address verification / character assessment from neighbours / formal endorsement of citizenshop .)


  4. What is the procedure to be followed to incorporate the change of Residence Address in the existing card as the same is not highlighted anywhere in the site.

    1. Dear Mr. Abhishek,

      Did you get any reply to your query from the Aadhar authorities? My name too is misspelt in the aadhar card. I have not received any reply to my query.
      My e mail id is srnair47@gmail.com. If you hear from them please let me know.
      Prof. S.R. NAIR

    2. I have enrolled in Adhaar on 21-02-2103 and I got the acknowledgement copy.I found that my date of birth( only year ) was wrongly printed in the acknowledgement copy ie…year of birth printed as 1959 instead of 1950.How do I get it corrected?

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