Self will and Government rules reasons behind the Aadhaar project: Poll

If you think that people have associated with the Aadhaar project just because the government made it mandatory for various schemes, then you are certainly wrong. In a recent survey it has been revealed that majority of people have become a part of Aadhaar project either by enrolling for it or by getting their UID just because of their own will and interest. However, it is also true that a large section of people also believe that they have been associated with the Aadhaar project because of the government’s rules and implementation. Very less number of people has/will become a part of Aadhaar because of another reason which is definitely known to only them.

The survey which was done by asked people to know the reason of their linking with the Aadhaar project. The survey which ran on the website asked people to cast their vote against the probable reason people think is responsible for their linking with this UID project. A total of 3978 people become the part f this project by casting their votes. To maintain the genuineness of the survey, the votes of the people were locked by cookies and IP address thereby denying them from casting more than one vote.

Aadhar Card Survey

The poll asked the voters the question “You are or will become a part of the Aadhaar project because of” offering them to vote for one of the three options viz. Your Own Interest, Government Regulations, Another Reason. Majority of people about 46.5% (1850 votes) casted their votes against the first option while about 45% (1789 votes) people polled their votes against the second option. About 9% (341 votes) people voted for the third option which means that they have become a part of another reason which is unknown.

Outcomes of this survey definitely prove that people are willing to get their 12-digit UID Aadhaar number. The Aadhaar project from the UPA has been accepted by majority of the people who acknowledges the vision of the government to provide a unique identification to every individual of the country. However, the difference of 1.5% in the poll result also shows that a large section of people is not happy with the government’s program of UID. They are those who have become a part of Aadhaar because of some compulsion imposed by the government on them. This compulsion includes government’s orders in which Aadhar card was made mandatory for availing benefits of various schemes and services like payment of wages, property/marriage registration, scholarship benefits, etc. Not many people are happy with the government’s decision of using Aadhar card as a mandatory tool for providing schemes and services benefits. There are also some people who have another reason to get their Aadhaar number which is really hard to predict.

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