No Aadhaar Number even after 2 years: Survey

At one end where both the state and the central Governments are busy in mandating Aadhaar for accessing various welfare schemes at the other end the promises of them also seem to be fake. The launch of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme from New Year in many different districts of various states has caused a sign of worry among the people of the country especially those who have been affected by the implementation of such scheme. While the states like Delhi and Andhra Pradesh have declared Aadhaar necessary for various schemes and subsidy distribution, many others are also in the mood of accepting the similar approach. At such a time the promises of the Government and the authority body UIDAI are fading in the dust of sham. Though the official report tells about issuance of more than 31 crore Aadhaar numbers, the picture behind the scene is actually far different. The promise of delivery of Aadhaar card within 60-90 days of enrollment is no longer an acceptable fact as far as the stats revealed by the people of the nation are concerned. Yes, this is not a self created statement but rather a fact that has come out of a survey conducted by

The survey which began on February 20, 2013 ran for 42 days and ended on April 2, 2013 asked people about the time they have been waiting for their Aadhaar number after enrollment. The response of the voters of the poll is quite surprising and is totally different from what the UIDAI promises to the enroller. Out of a total of 10100 votes polled, 27.24% (2751 votes) polled with the option of 0-3 months (0 to 90 days). The second most voted option was 12-24 months (1 to 2 year) with 26.88% (2715 votes) people polling for this option. The story of wait for Aadhaar number doesn’t ends here because 19.3% (1949 votes) people have been waiting for their Aadhaar number for more than 24 months (more than 2 years) which is the third highest voted option of this poll. This one is really very horrible because when will one get his/her Aadhaar number if he/she hasn’t got it even after more than 2 years (more than 730 days). The next most voted option was of 6-12 months in which 13.4% (1351 votes) people casted their votes. The least voted option was 3-6 months in which 13.21% (1334 votes) people voted.


Besides taking longer than the usual 60-90 days for delivery of Aadhaar another major problem people face is the communication with the concerned body for support and grievances. Neither the toll-free number of UIDAI is working nor there is a proper response of the email support. Those who have got their Aadhaar letters are complaining about incorrect details printed on their letters while those who are trying to download their E Aadhaar letters are also finding it difficult to access one. All these troubles raise big questions on the functioning and responsibilities of the authorities but still people are compelled to enroll for their 12-digit UID number.

6 thoughts on “No Aadhaar Number even after 2 years: Survey

  1. My parents ( enrollment no 1218/18312/00365 and 1218/18312/00366) enrolled for Aadhar on 28th May, 2011 and both are still waiting for their Aadhar card! Almost 2 years and no Aadhar card is a big mental stress for them. The helpline phone is always busy, no response to email from the helpdesk make matters worse.
    Can someone tell me WHO should we contact?

  2. i have my enrolment no 1094/50617/00953 16-03-2011 17:17:38
    please tell me when i get my original aadhar card
    sanjay singh
    mo no= 9396922201

  3. Dear sir,

    My Aadhar Card Lost from me back 10 before,so i want new card for, please help me want can i do.

    My Aadhar Receipt No. as below
    Enrolment No.1218/19010/02075 Dt.06.11.2011 12:33.02

    so please help me in this regard.

    Thanking you

    Vaddepalli C.N.

  4. my Aadhar enrollment RECEIPT was missing please suggest me only i have enroll date 08.04.11. MY MOBILE NO 9819206712. SAME DATE MY HUNSABAND GET ADHAR CARD.

  5. The persons involved themselves do not know the rules. I am residing away from my home. When I asked the official concerned to enroll my name, he refused. In turn he advised me to go to my home place.
    The enrollment process gives undue stress to the people. It gives negative image to government.

  6. While I have enrolled by Addhar just about a month – I will not comment on the timelines personally. But will fully agree with the break down of communication on various forms with the agency.

    The scene at the enrolment centres is worst – with every entry taking around an average of 30 minutes. The ay I went to enrol I got token nos of 40 in the morning at around 0930 AM but my time slot came only in the night at around 0900 PM.

    We also booked our online slot for submission for LPG customer, but when we reached the site the agency people were not even aware that online slots have been issued.

    It was a kayos all around. If some one is listening to this mail please try to help remove some of the confusion just by ensuring proper communication.

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