My Aadhaar Card A Complete Guide to Aadhaar and Aadhaar Enrollment

Download your E-Aadhaar Letter Online

After a long wait of time, UIDAI has finally been able to launch its e-Aadhaar portal through which people who have enrolled for Aadhaar and have been waiting for their Aadhaar letter can easily download their Aadhaar letter online and use it anywhere by just taking a printout of the same. To download the Aadhaar letter, it is necessary to have both your enrolment number and date time of your enrolment. If you know your Aadhaar Number then also you can download your Aadhar card online. The complete procedure for downloading your Aadhaar letter or Aadhar card online is pointed below.

1. Make sure that you have your enrollment number and the date-time of enrolment or your Aadhaar number with you in order to proceed for downloading the e-Aadhaar letter. These details can be found on the acknowledgement slip which you got from the enrolment centre after enrolling for Aadhaar.


2. Now there are two situations. First is that you have your Enrollment Id details and the Second is you know your Aadhaar Number. In Either case you can download your E-Aadhaar letter.

3. E-Aadhar Card Downloading process consists of 2 Steps.

Step 1: Your Personal Details

4.(a). If you have Enrollment ID (enrollment number and date-time of enrollemnt), then fill in your details like enrolment number, date time of enrolment, your full name, your Pin Code, the captcha code (image text) and your mobile number in the respective fields and click on the ‘Get One Time Password’ button. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the mobile number you just entered. This is essential for verification process.

4.(b). If you know your Aadhaar Number then select the radio button put in front of ‘Aadhaar’ (second radio button on the second line yellow in colour). Then fill in your Aadhaar number, full name, Pin Code and the captcha code (image text) in the respective fields and click on the ‘Get One Time Password’ button. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the registered mobile number. This is essential for verification process.

Step 2: Enter OTP Received and Download your E-Aadhaar

5. Type the OTP you received on your mobile and click on ‘Validate & Download’ button.

6. After that you will be provided with a link to download your E-Aadhaar letter (in PDF format) and to open it you will need to enter your ‘Pincode’ as the password.

Download your e-Aadhaar letter

You can then take the printout of that letter and use it for various services.

Since Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit number and serves the purpose of establishing identity, the downloaded version of your Aadhaar letter is as valid as the one you received via post. The digital signature on the e-Aadhaar letter validates it as an acceptable proof at all those places where Aadhar card can be used. Many people questions about the Aadhar card downloading process and the most common they ask is what the ‘resident name’ is? Well this is not a complex field and we would like to tell all our users that the ‘Resident Name’ is the person name who has enrolled for Aadhaar. Typing correct name as printed on your acknowledgement slip will prevent you from getting into any kind of trouble. The second most asked question is how to open the password protected E Aadhar card. Answer to this question is also very simple and the user needs to enter the ‘Pincode’ of his residential address and the same can also be found on the acknowledgement slip.

We would also like to inform our users that there are only 3 attempts to download Aadhar card so we suggest our users to be very careful while downloading their Aadhar card. One more recommendation from us is that follow above pointed steps only when your Internet connection is reliable and fast as Internet connectivity failure can also pose difficulties for you. Last but not the least is that never publish or give your enrollment and personal details on any unofficial website as it can risk to your privacy.

1,343 Responses to “Download your E-Aadhaar Letter Online”

  1. mohan singh says:

    i have applied aadhar card on 18/08/2011 15:36:38 enrolment no 1171/03071/00312 but still have not got my aadhar pl. reply me regarding on my email

    • 12/04/2012 UID CC -SBFL MUMBAI Item Booked
      09/08/2012 SULTAN PURI C BLOCK Item Received
      08/09/2012 SULTAN PURI C BLOCK Item Delivered
      aadhaar genarated and deliverd to the given address plz check the address or go to e seva center and take a print out ok
      or UE280066468INgo to post office and check with this no ok

    • shailesh sanghvi says:

      Mr. Mohan singh ji, I, my family and all of my officemate (approx.110 Officers/Employee) went for aadhaar formalities on 05.07.2011. But till today only 8-10 people got their aadhaar. I think we wont get aadhaar originally.

  2. what should i put in the resident Name

    sir pl specify
    is it my name
    or something else

  3. Mitesh Rahevar & Rupalben Rahevar says:

    We have applied for Aadhaar on 01/09/2011 09:42:31 with enrollment no- 1111/60101/01017 (Rupalben)

    &, enrollment no- 1111/60101/01019 01/09/2011 09:56:47(Mitesh)
    but till today we have not received my card.

    But I have already received my daughter Aadhaar Card. We all have applied same time. But till today we have not received our card. We have frequently informed by mail.

  4. juddha bahadur says:

    I have applied for Aadhaar on 29/08/2011 17.36.45 with enrollment no- 1180/52502/01065, but till today i have not received my card.

  5. MohammedAli says:

    Sir i have applied for aadhar card enrollment no is 1171/00227/08367 Date 25/8/2011 time 12:05:22 Pls help me how to get it

    Mail me on

    • Please check with local postoffice and postman
      AADHAR Card is despatched through Item Number: UF274732272IN

  6. Tanuj Kumar says:

    The downloaded pdf format of Aadhar Card is not showing the Signature of Authority. Please correct this error.

  7. thanks for help i got it


    Dear sir
    Mera enrolment no. 1172/20061/03490 date 15/07/2011 time 08:29:52 he. Mujhe aadhaar card nahi mila hai. plz reply me Email-

  9. dilip s kokate says:

    I lost my aadhar card . how can get it?.please give me information on my email address.
    my Enrolment no.1190/10151/10481

  10. Anil Kumar Rai says:

    I have applied for Aadhaar on 31/01/2012 16:01:59 with enrollment no- 1093/11067/15392, but till today i have not received my card.

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