Confusion persists over Aadhaar and Smart Card

Is Aadhaar number sufficient for one’s identity or is there a need to make a Smart Card? The dispute on this issue has gone rise among the ministries. According to the sources, UIDAI, Planning Commission, Rural Development Ministry and Information Technology Ministry have opposed the Smart card. Even after the expenses of thousands of crores the danger for identity of people of the country is deepening once more. Till now it was understood that those who have UID number (Aadhaar Number) do not need to have any other identity proof but the Home Ministry want to give separate Smart card to the citizens of the country at an expense of Rs. 5500 crore.

Who should have the responsibility of identity of citizens of the country National Population Register (NPR) or UIDAI? Seeing rise in the dispute the Prime Minister has decided to form a group of ministers but the issue does not seems to be resolving soon.

The UIDAI sources say that on entering the UID number in the machine the complete details of the person are obtained and there is no need of a separate smart card. IT Ministry says that the proving identity through UID number is a modern technique while smart card like techniques is getting old. Seeing at the huge expenses for Smart card the Expenditure department is not going to accept this proposal easily.

Seeing at the slow speed of NPR the Rural Development Ministry wants that UID should be given the responsibility of identity in the whole country. According to the sources the Planning Commission is against giving Smart card along with Aadhaar card because the same work, which UIDAI has done, needs to be done again. This shall be the reason because when asked about smart card to Montek Singh Ahluwalia he threw the ball in the Home Ministry’s area.

Actually, in the language of law, the Aadhar card given to you by the UIDAI is not an ID card rather it is simply a letter on which printed is Aadhaar number along with your name and address. The smart card which MHA wants to issue will consist of your name, address, photo and a chip. On swapping this card in the card reader all your details will be displayed on the screen.

But the oppositions of smart card have a question that one who has UID then why he needs a smart card? Whatever is the decision but at this time when the government wants to launch ambitious Aadhaar based Direct Cash Transfer scheme, this born controversy on UID is going to make huge confusion among the people.

4 thoughts on “Confusion persists over Aadhaar and Smart Card

  1. there is no privacy laws on this , & we already have 4 id proofs , if this database is hacked how will help us ,
    when all the countries have banned bio metric cards why we need them
    why we are spending 1lakh crores for nothing when inflation is all time high
    rates have gone by 25% on commodities

  2. In TIMES OF INDIA published from Hyderabad, dated Feb 13, 2013 in page 8 a news ‘Is LPG subsidy all gas’, which in crux says that Rs. 1030 will be collected from consumer per cylinder and Rs. 580 to be refunded to the beneficiary at the end of the month through bank to the consumer. Who will transfer is not yet decided.

    However it concludes that’at the current rate, it will take months for all the LPG consumers to get the Aadhar card and then get linked to the gas connection. And hopefully by then, the centre would have figured out how the subsidy amount will be transferred to the beneficiary.

  3. smart card is the real value card which the card holder will like and wants to keep in its pocket for a status or identity like a driving licence

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