People have bad experience with Aadhaar : Survey

People have a bad experience with Aadhaar. Yes, these are the facts which have come out from a survey conducted by My Aadhaar Card in which 6993 people participated. The survey reveals that 49% people (3487 voters) have voted that they have bad experience with UIDAI’s Aadhaar. However, 19% people (1372 voters) feel that the Aadhaar project needs improvement. The other 16% people (1160 voters) are happy with Aadhaar and have voted for good Aadhaar experience. Interesting fact is that 13% people (974 voters) are very happy with their experience for Aadhaar and these belongs to that group of people who have voted their Aadhaar experience as excellent.

A thought of worry for the government must be the fact that almost half of the people are not happy with their UID project. The UIDAI launched the project of providing Unique Identification Number (UID) or simply Aadhaar Number to every individual of this country. Although the project has received a huge response from the people but the real thing is that UIDAI has not been able to handle the functioning or the entire system involved with this project. This is not a surprising study because as per the UIDAI’s stats, they have issued 24 crore Aadhaar numbers till now but the complaints can be found everywhere where enrollers are complaining regarding not receiving their Aadhar cards even after a year of enrollment. There are also issues where those who have got their Aadhaar letters complain about incorrect details printed on them.

The launch of the Aadhaar based Direct Benefit Transfer scheme from January 1 has also encouraged people to enroll for their Aadhaar number. There are also regions where Aadhar card has become compulsory for accessing various services like the one in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. The government has launched their ambitious scheme and has urged the people to enroll for Aadhaar, at the same time they should also facilitate the residents with the facility like larger no. of enrollment centre, proper behavior of the authorities and on time and correct delivery of Aadhaar letters.

People have also suggested improvement in the present system and 19% people feels that enhancement must be implemented in the existing system to attract more people towards it. The worst thing that happens is the news of finding Aadhar cards in dust bins. People really feel angry when they hear that hundreds of Aadhaar letters found dumped in garbage.

4 thoughts on “People have bad experience with Aadhaar : Survey

  1. Dear
    mare sistear ka uid card nahi aaya hai mera pata ghatotand wbc jharkhand mare sistear anjani devi hai quater no.tW13 hai

  2. Dear Sir,
    I beg to submit my complain in written that My Sister named Niharika Baliarsingh enrolled her name in Adhar Card No 2017/00776/00199 dated 27/07/2011 time 10:47:54. But unfortunately the Adhar Card neither received nor despatched to me in all respect.
    Therefore, I request you to kindly investigate into it and necessary action may kindly be taken for solving the problem at an earliest and obliged.

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