Aadhaar project hangs midway, loss of huge money

After Supreme Court’s decision on Aadhar card UPA government’s Aadhaar project has been surrounded by questions at the moment. Country’s apex court in a historic decision has ordered the government to terminate Aadhar card’s compulsion in which it has been said that the government should take back all its orders in which Aadhar card was made mandatory for availing various schemes and benefits. According to this order, Aadhar card at present will no longer be mandatory for availing any schemes. Also digital information of the card holder will not be shared without the consent of the holder to any other authority. Supreme Court last year on 23rd September declared that Aadhar card cannot be made mandatory for getting benefits of any government scheme. The court also ordered state and central governments to ensure that no illegal immigrants get Aadhar card. Even then government has not taken appropriate steps in this regard.

The project worth Rs. 3000 crore has been challenged for violation of the fundamental rights of the people of this country as mentioned in the constitution of India. Although central government has kept itself away from it but it is a big jerk for Manmohan government in the election year. Government has also cancelled its DBTL subsidy scheme under which Aadhar card was made necessary for getting LPG subsidy money directly into the Aadhar card linked bank account of the consumer. Besides that, government was also mulling over its use for payment of wages and pensions, scholarship to students, property and marriage registration, etc. UIDAI’s first chairman Nandan Nilekani has already resigned from his position after being given ticket by the Congress party for the Lok Sabh election in Bangalore South constituency.

It will be tough to predict the consequences on which Supreme Court reaches over the Aadhar card issue but someone from the government has to take the accountability over the confusion arose over Aadhar card. Why such a big project was initiated without completing the legal formalities. The PIL against it said that Aadhaar is a violation of Section 21 of the Indian Constitution which interferes in the privacy of the people.

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